Wednesday, June 02, 2004

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pool_10_shot of the steps and how we plastered the short wall instead of putting it in a garden place Posted by Hello

pool_9_this is where we broke the floor to put the drain pipe in. also note putting the pipe in we found that the neighbours water from their back sink actually flows into your system Posted by Hello

pool_8_see hole in the wall to recieve the pipes because the pump is going to be on the other side Posted by Hello

pool_7_these are the pipes comming out of the pool they havent been hooked up to anything. Posted by Hello

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pool_4_you can see the drain there Posted by Hello

pool_3_this is a shower drain that I installed to help drain the water out of the area but as you can see the top clogs up with leaves and prevents the water from draining out quickly Posted by Hello

pool_2_see how high the rain water went up in the back yard and filled up the small pool  Posted by Hello

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